Maintaining the enquiries on different products by various customers daily becomes a big challenge. As there are many customers walk­in every day, it becomes very difficult to track the enquiries and service as per our needs. This is also very important to store this information for analysis, trending and predictions. In order to overcome these difficulties and for better forecast of the service requirements, Enquiry Management System is designed and developed at our Evolet Technologies state­of­the­art facility . This is an end­to­end solution for all the office enquiries, starting from Front office to the enquiry closure. All the stages in enquiry are included in this application. Follow­ups and details along with the time­stamps are captured for better Lead Management and closure.
EMS application also produces Management Information Reports on the leads closed, leads open etc., and they help the Management in taking Strategic decisions for future implementations. This application is user friendly, easy to use and provides accurate information. Developed in Php, MySql and HTML this application will be your one step solution.