Joomla! is an award winning open source content management system (CMS) where a customized website is created to efficiently handle content and to showcase your business. Joomla! has many features including numerous customized and ready to use templates, unlimited designs, multilingual supporting over 65 languages, flexible, mobile friendly and many other features. Our Joomla! development team provides development services such as user friendly designs, customizable templates, plugins and components, fully compliant search engine friendly content and support.

Why use Joomla! for a CMS Website?

A Joomla! website is an ideal platform to showcase and market your business online. It is best suited for Small and Medium Enterprise companies, Real estate companies, NGOs and charity websites, Hotel and Travel companies, and community based websites. Joomla! websites engage users with its digital content management expertise. It focuses on usability and extensibility which connects a website to a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database to make delivery of content easy at both the server side and the client side. It is an open source available for everyone looking to build a dynamic website with access to unlimited exclusive extensions and templates. It is also has friendly features like tagging, drag and drop images, custom field types, and front end editing. IKEA, The Holiday Inn, etc., are Joomla! driven websites.

Where do we fit in?

At Evolet technologies, our exclusive Joomla! team will help you create a Joomla! project for your target audience. We gather all the business requirements and needs from you to create a perfect website that includes your business products and services. We help you build a website which is a visual feast to the eyes. Our development team will plan, design and develop a website with attention to details on every web page and keep in mind the goals of the business. Here’s why you should choose our Joomla! team to create a best CMS website for you:

  • Joomla! is an open source technology, but our development team will help you get the most out of its templates, design, modules, and extensions.
  • A CMS website requires handling of high volume data. Our technical team is capable of efficiently handling the load and delivers a high-performance website.
  • We also make your websites future ready and you do not have to worry about constant rebranding.
  • Our Joomla! websites are created in a way that you can make easy changes like update, delete and add.