Product development and services

Product development services include design, development, implementation, and marketing of newly created services or goods. Product development has completely changed with invent of digital infrastructures. Organizations are looking to use digital systems in their innovative products or services. Evolet technologies is one such organization where we seek innovation and set trends in the digital world with our products and services.

Why develop new product and services?

Every specialized hardware and software organization has to invent new products and technologies to meet the latest technological trends. This constant need to develop and innovate products is tedious to most of the

organizations that rather put in their efforts and costs in other areas of the field. Here at Evolet technologies, we come to the rescue of such organizations and help take care of the need for organizations to develop new products and services. This reduces the pressure and meets the budget estimates of your business organization.

Where do we fit in?

Evolet technologies have a dedicated team of experts who create and develop new products and services for various business organizations. Here’s a list of our innovative products:

  • Multi-User Mobile Bluetooth Two Way Text Chat
  • Nearest ATM Mobile Navigation through GPS
  • Route Navigation through GPS
  • Safe Driving using Mobile Phones
  • Android Event Scheduler Reminder Application
  • Enquiry Management System
  • Placement Management System

All our innovative technologies are digitally and technologically enhanced products.
We not only develop in-house products but also provide services to business organizations. Business product development services include visualizing the product, defining the product, creating a prototype, building the product, designing the product, implementing the product and also marketing the product. Our product development services reduce the cost of R&D, maintenance, and execution.
Our expert team also guides you with a systematic approach and discipline required for product development. We help you to effectively choose your design, frameworks, and concept. We do the best research analysis of the product idea and develop products that define your business. We also help ideate the designs and prototype and then analyze the product feasibility and marketing strategy. We help your product accelerate and advance in the market.